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What NFT features are you building in your app?

I’m building an NFT plugin that enables NFT minting in apps. What NFT features are you building in your app? What are you interested in minting?

Ex: minting NFTs out of images/gifs that users upload


Hey GuapCapital,

I’m thinking about making NFTs by creating caricatures of my friends LinkedIn profile pictures and gifting it to them for fun!

Would love to hear what other people want to build.


That would be a cool gift for your friends!!

Is it possible to make an NFT of an augmented reality viewer on web?
What would needed to be mint? The 3d model file? The URL where the AR experience starts?

I’m just new into this NFT world :slight_smile:
Bubble made a plug in with Nexus, maybe it can help to check how they did.

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Gifting 3D NFTs would be sick! You could create printable QR codes that an AR viewer could use for viewing 3D NFTs - kind of like these AR chemistry cards:

Were you thinking something along this line?

[AR viewer / 3D scanner]—scan object——> [3D model file]——————

——> [3D NFT minter]———mint 3D model———-> [3D model NFT]—–

———> [3D NFT minter]————send to wallet——————————>

There’s quite a few AR 3D scanner libraries that can be used to generate the 3D model file…but unfortunately I don’t know of any “3D model NFT minters”. I’m sure there’s a creative way to do this, perhaps drawing inspiration from all the NFTs made for gaming.

Is this a feature that you’re interested in adding to an app you’re building in Bubble?


Hey thanks for the example and the explanation!

Yes we would like to move into that direction at one point this year hopefully.

We have ready where the user uploads a 3d model and then a QR code is generated for accessing the viewer. This idea of having a physical copy of the QR sounds really interesting and would be cool to explore!

We think some of our users who have a big community could benefit from creating these!

So maybe I’m getting confused but what should be minted? The QR itself, which is an image so it should be easy, or the 3D model? :thinking:

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Being new to NFTs, but also interested in doing something with the technology. How come did weird whales by a couple of kids creating 24x24 pixel images make hundreds of thousands? Why therefore is there interest in 3D images? Are they simply different markets?
Your insights will be appreciated.

The value of NFTs are pretty difficult to nail down, as they more cultural movements than a typical business transaction. Memes, hype, reputation of an artist have all to do with the value of an NFT.

There are some really cool future use cases of NFTs that are coming out. My favorite NFT article explaining all of this is one by Packy McCormick: Status Monkeys - by Packy McCormick - Not Boring by Packy McCormick


Many thanks @EntropyT
Very informative.

You can integrate NFT if you use Hokusai API(

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I just started looking at minting images/GIFs out of a member site I’m building now. New images every week and possibility of building them into a collection.

Fascinating article! I’m now onto the Eugene Wei article thanks to you!

Of course! Check out Loot Project, I think it’s probably the coolest thing in the NFT space right now. It was launched by the creator of Vine.

How’s the minting app going for you? Would love to know more on what you’re up to, feel free to send me a PM.

Hi all, good to see others looking at the intersection of no-code and nft’s. I’m actually about 10 days from releasing a beta version of a complete NFT marketplace (mint, sell, buy, search, add to collections with ability to generate custom smart contracts and theming coming soon) using bubble and the Rarible Protocol API. Would love to get feedback once it’s out and also get a sense of what might be valuable to others looking to get up and running. If you have any thoughts or interest in sharing ideas, please feel free to reply or DM me.

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Hey mate, not sure how to DM but heaps interested in what you are building. I’m fully time crypto and was looking to see if I could build something for NFT’s myself.

Hi all, per prior message, we’re still putting some finishing touches on this thing, but we released our app in Beta! You can lazy mint audio, video and image files via Pinata/IPFS, adjust royalties, search (just local for now but will link to ERC721 indexer as next step) and sell/buy/bid. Created it as a proof of concept to see if it was actually possible to do this. Good news is it seems like it is! Open to feedback/suggestions from the community.


Hey bkerryk,

Let me know if you are still interested in connecting!

working on a few projects… but fascinated by future, generative nfts. one project allows users to create nfts that evolve + can be shared based their vibes (hr changes, breaths, sleep, etc) / t

some inspo
and a few other things mulling about :slight_smile: