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What Order Should I Watch the Training Videos

I assumed the order they are in is the best order but it appears that isn’t. As an example, the second video seems to make sense before the first video.

Is there anywhere I can find a suggested sequence?

Everyone has their methods but I wouldn’t focus exclusively on bubble documentation and videos if I were you. If you’re looking for structure, you won’t find a standard way of going about things. I would say your best bet is to dive in with something simple like a form, build a backend with 3-4 datatypes that cross reference each other, some as lists why not, build your form and start playing with API workflows to visualise your DB’s behaviour. Use another page to display data, discover custom states. As you go your focus scope will be more inclusive and less data centered, data structure is important but it’s a fast learning curve as opposed to other aspects especially I you have a DB background… think of bubble as a painting, you go broad but thin layer from ground up, not pixel by pixel :wink:

For data here’s a video you could start with:

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