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What plugin are we really missing?

If it reads the url … can it do it behind a login?

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You can program it to login, and then generate a pdf. If it’s coming from server side, this will always be the case

With this solution you can also program the browser to do things


Downloading Data as XLXS (not CSV)

Oops, I should have read the forum first!

Either way, this is a really simple solution without templates.

There are other ones that use APIs and I could just connect to the API using the API connector if there was a better API solution out there. It just takes too long. Really looking to do something like PDF Conjurer but much easier to use. It doesn’t rely on an API and is super fast. It is just super difficult to set up to make a really nice PDF. Simple lists are easy.


Actually the service I’m using isn’t something you could use with the API connector. It’s a serverless functions platforms. It can do a lot more than PDFs. Anyways, gonna release something based on it! I think it will be useful for many


Sounds good :raised_hands:

Horrible plug-in!

I’m willing to test as well. I have immediate needs.

From what I understand here, you want to create a plugin that allows importing a docx file, then edit that docx file from the browser, and then allows the exporting of that edited file as a docx correct?

Thats correct yes but importantly it must maintain the styling of the original docx document so that when the user exports the edited document it still has the same format as the original Word document.

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To clarify sorry, after uploading the word document, I want to edit its text not inside Word, but inside Bubble multiline elements. So I am not sure if that requires docx to html conversion maybe.

@jonah.deleseleuc @J805 @robert

Do you have any experience and feedback using, a possible WYSIWYG solution?

Similarly, looking to provide a means for dynamically authored content by end users to be output into a book format in PDF and adhere to certain publishing standards, with clean page breaks.

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Hey @K.T :wave:

I don’t have any experience with yet. If you find that it works for you, feel free to share your solution so others can benefit. We are always looking for ways to get better PDFs. :raised_hands:


Plugin idea (that we’re actually really missing) : A plugin that would leverage the possibilities of IndexedDB. It could be an amazing replacement to local storage and the real beginning of being able to build offline apps.

Specs : IndexedDB
Usage : Indexed Database API 3.0


No experience with this. Not sure how it would be an improvement over DocMaker, in which the template is created in Word. Maybe faster or handle larger images? IDK

@jonah.deleseleuc I’ve successfully been able to use Puppeteer with Bubble. However, you have to run the service as a serverless function in the cloud. Bubble UI → Execute Plugin → Cloud Function (with parameters) → Store file results from function on cloud → retrieve results from cloud → return results to Bubble UI.

The problem with this methodology for releasing this as a plugin is the cost to execute the function. It would only work on a monthly subscription plugin pricing plan and it would probably need to limit the number of executions based on the cost to generate each pdf.

Not good enough! We need a version of a custom puppeteer aws lambda for this to be absolutely perfect

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I don’t think the limit on executions would be a problem for most use cases, certainly not mine.