What template can you recommend for building a SaaS?

Hi there,

What templates can you recommend for building a SaaS?

Basically, I need secure user management and payment (with Stripe) functionality.

Thanks in advance <3


None. Build it yourself and it’ll mean:

  • you don’t have unnecessary bloat
  • you understand exactly how it’s built so you can maintain it
  • you don’t have to go through everything to check it’s security

Have a Billing Account data type (so that you can have enterprise accounts with multiple users under one billing account in future).

Have stripeCustomerID field, User field, Subscription field (option set). You’ll probably have a ‘credits’ number field too. To manage scheduling, have a stripeSubscriptionID field, renewalDate field, and renewalScheduledWorkflowID field (in case you want to cancel the renewal workflow.

Have a trigger when Billing Account’s Subscription changes, change the Subscription field on the user (for WU efficiency, reference the User’s Subscription rather than User’s Billing Account’s subscription.

Keep the subscription ID updated using webhooks from Stripe.