What to type for ‘monthly_anchor’ (Stripe.js monthly payouts)


I am integrating the Stripe.js plugin into my website.
I want to set a monthly (and, if possible, on the first day of the month) payout schedule, only I do not know what to type for the ‘Schedule Type’. It is currently on ‘monthly’ and I have to specify a ‘monthly_anchor’ according to the stripe docs (see screenshot). I only do not not know what to type in. I have tried multiple times but I constantly run into an error. If I only type in ‘monthly’ I am getting the error in the screenshot below.

Hope there is a fix.


Hi @Thimo, have you found a solution for this?

i’m facing the same issue with the payout_shedule.

No solution yet. I emailed them and they said that it will be fixed in the upcoming update, but that was two months ago…

Thanks for your answer @Thimo.

Maybe @copilot will be so kind to answer this and tell us if his team will update this important future soon.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey @dan25,

We’re busy working on the next milestone release of Stripe.js so trivial updates are not a focus at this time. As you can imagine, we get hit with quite a few mentions and comments throughout the Forums so tracking each one is not scaleable nor maintainable. Each plugin developer has their preferred method of contact, and our’s are listed on our Contact page. :+1:

@copilot let me get this straight.

As @Thimo told you 2 months ago about this BUG on the Stripe.js, and I told you some days ago (but you didn’t answer) and I’m sure there are many others who need this future (to shedule the payouts for our custom sellers), you give me the same excuse like you say to others.

In the same way you sell instantly your course in this forum (when people asked something about the Stripe.js) I want the community to benefit from this inquieries because, this is the way to found solutions.

The big question is:

The next milestone release of Stripe.js will include this “trivial update” or we must to find other solution after we pay for your course? :+1: