What was just updated on Custom Events?

Hey Bubblers,

Anyone else notice issues or changes with Custom Events today?

I logged into my app with about 70 issues… and all my custom events had no “things” attached. Now it seems the issues are resolved and custom events looks more like backend workflows where I can pass more than one thing… which is awesome… so I guess it’s a Bubble update? Anyone know?

Is there a newsletter or notice or release notes about updates?

*The real catastrophic thing could have been me trying to trouble shoot and changing a bunch of workflows because no one told me Bubble was changing things.

Announcement yesterday - lots of issues followed - all seem to be resolved now

Multiple parameters on custom events - Announcements / New features - Bubble Forum

Release updates can be found here: Releases | Bubble

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@adamhholmes is there a where to subscribe to announcements?

You can in the forum, yes…

Select the Announcement topic - then set your notification option from the bell icon:


You are the man!!!

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