What would be the best way to do this?

Hi All,

I have read dozens of threads on the topic of Gmail integration and want to check the best way forward for my app…

Currently building a CRM for my own business. Will have a handful of other users, small business team.

Within any given Contact record in the CRM I want to display any historical emails from the Contact. They currently sit in my company domain’s gmail inbox.

So I was thinking to set up an RG that called an API to Gmail and displayed [subject], [body] etc. where condition is… fromEmail=contactEmail.

How would you go about this? Simple as possible, just need a visual on the email content so Users get a 360o view on comms with the Contact.

Currently for outbound email I have Postmark set up for specific transactional emails. But the User switches over to Gmail for any follow up emails. So this could be better too - just have a simple email client interface that sent the email via Gmail…?