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What's Bubble's email pricing?

When I create a form that sends a filled form to an email address, do I get charged?
Right now I don’t but does it become paid service after I hit the limit? Does it have a limit at all?

I’ve never seen a limit or cost, but if you want your email to come from your website domain name (instead of Bubble’s domain name), then you will need to sign up with an external email provider. Most people pretty quickly migrate to an external provider since it’s not very professional to have emails coming from Bubble’s domain. Bubble has prebuilt integrations with Sendgrid; some people use that, others use other services.

If you do intend to send a high volume of emails from Bubble’s email domain, I’d suggest asking Bubble support if it presents any issue/cost.

No limits that I believe of.

And +1 to @ed727 comments. Most people set up external providers, otherwise your emails will be sent from “[email protected].” Not very professional.

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Thanks guys! Yeah [email protected] is fine. Client needs to receive inquiries about his service, so no biggie. Thanks again!