Whats is a popular tool for "screenshoting" app-issues for this forum?

I see people post screenshots of their apps on this forum, what is a good tool for this, something that is accessible in the browser, and that allows to capture a specific spot in the page

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Screencastify for pulling video clips and quickly pulling GIFs.

Otherwise, Zapier has a good post that covers various methods for pulling good screenshots across devices (including Chrome’s Dev Tools, Mac and PC native screenshotting).


In addition to using Screencastify, I use the Awesome Screenshot extension for Chrome and Onenote’s screen clipping feature. Using OneNote you have a hotkey that allows you to quickly “snip” a section of the screen and then, all you have to do is paste (CTRL-V on PC) into a post on the forum – it’s really quick and easy.


I use MacOS built-in functionality and paste directly in the forums.

There haven’t been groundbreaking advancements in the screenshot industry lately :slight_smile:

Whatever suits your workflow.

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True. But Screencastify’s export to GIF function was life changing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m on a mac, for the forum I mainly use CMD+CTRL+Shift+4 which then lets you capture any portion of the screen and saves it to your clipboard. Then you can just use CMD+V to paste it directly into a new forum post.

For more detailed screenshots, I use SnagIt which lets you magnify, highlight, write text, draw and more on top of the screenshots :slight_smile:

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I’ll take your word and have a look at it. Let’s see if :exploding_head:

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