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What's the 1 pain you have while using the no-code platform?

Hello friends :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here is another meme that I found funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and thought of asking What is one difficulty or limit you have while using the no-code platform?

As no-code is slowly becoming the future, I’m sure there are so many things that it needs to improve, right? :thinking:

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Erm NONE! Bubble is better then zerocode! lol

No-code in general? Hard to say. It’s such a big space with almost a tool for every job. The trick is picking the right tool.

In terms of Bubble specifically, its limitations / user concerns are well documented - mainly around the common themes of speed, reliability, and the capability for native app building.

Overall Bubble offers the best mix of power and flexibility I’ve seen. I would say it’s strength lies in building complex apps, at the trade-off of being overkill for simple static pages.


Speed is definitely the number one pain point for me. I can work around most other things with low code solutions but speed is not something we have control over in Bubble.

For instance after weeks of optimization and a couple of custom plugins, the best lighthouse page speed score I can achieve on a static page is 32 out of 100. That’s terrifyingly horrible. Heck a blank Bubble page only scores 38…

This is a massive issue since Google uses page speed as a search rank factor.

I hope this gets improved with the new responsive engine, but I’m not betting on it as Bubble is JavaScript injected on the client-side. The only real way to solve this would be to build the pages on the server and serve them to the client as “static” pages.

Edit: Another huge issue that I have with Bubble is the lack of horizontal collapsing. It has been asked for time and time again but it hasn’t happened. I’m really hoping that changes with the new responsive engine.


My one complaint? Documentation. Specifically, my documentation. I build things much faster than I can document it…


@bcart0v How you normally write documentation for Bubble? For regular code, there are some awesome tools like Codex but nothing like that exists for Bubble. I wish there was a way to make plugins for the Bubble editor to integrate features like this.

Lack of customizability. There are too many guardrails (probably meant to keep me from messing up my own app) that limit the potential of what I’m building and cause problems.

Here’s the latest I’ve run into: Feature Request: 'Return Data from API' More Content Type Options