Whats the best way to invite users to "Claim Your Listing"

I have a marketplace app and I want to frontload vendors and then invite them to create their listing and finish setting up their account.

What’s the most seamless way to do this? I obviously want them to be able to create their own password, but I want a little more control than the standard “send pw reset email” option.

Anyone have an example of this?


We have the option to set up a temporary password for a user – these can be randomly generated and temporarily stored until the user logs in for the first time, at which time they’ll be prompted to reset their password.

to build on Eves answer.
Have an input where you enter a customer email. And a submit button
to workflow of submit button add
a) create account for somebody else
b) set temporary password for user
c) send email along with temporary password referring to step where it was created.
d) link to a page where they input temporary password and new password and email and use “update users credentials”

a b and c can be seen below

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