What's the best way to structure?



With my app the User creates a Staff profile which includes saving the results of the API call (#1). Currently the app is structured to (Create A Thing) and have the User wait for the call to be saved before making any deletions (#2). Since it will vary as to how many lines of API data will need to be saved, it can take up to 5 mins for saving completion.

Any ideas of how I can structure this so the User is not waiting, first, for the initial save in order to make any deletions, and again, when the other profile data along with the API data is saved to complete the profile creation process?

I’d appreciate your ideas.

maybe storing it as a custom state, but not sure

Hmm. I’m not sure if theres really a work around to this time issue. You may be able to open a new tab and sent the user there to continue their journey will the old tab does its thing in the background? Im not sure but i think you could automatically close the old tab once the database is updated you would just need to check the database’s item count, maybe add a few variables to trigger the tab closing

I had something set up to grab api data. It was 7000+ entries and it took me running it in the background for 2 days but there and some work arounds with the database… it can just be a bit iffy at times if you mess up.

Thank you for your reply😊

Thanks. I’ll continue to check it out.