What's the blue icon next to page name?

Hi, wonder what does this blue little icon mean? Appreciate the clarification in advance!



Thanks for the quick reply! That answers a lot - just a side question, wonder if you know is there a way to tell which pages are being used/indexed by other pages vs completely idle? Thanks!

pages are not “used by other pages”, but you can find what is using reusable elements with the search tool of the editor

Ah, just delete the page that you are curious about where it’s being used and see if any issues pop up—pro move (jk…)

Haha just that we are planning to delete about 20+ pages so was thinking if theres a more systemetic way to it, thanks for the reply still!

thanks for the quick reply @Dorilama! Do elemtents have to be reusable in order to be used by other pages?

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