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Is there a way to send users WhatsApp notifications once something changes on the website/app?
Or are there other ways of informing them, maybe better ones than email (like sms)?

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Short answer is go with sms.

Unless you’re a medium or large business you won’t be able to use whatsapp.
Last year August whatsapp opened up an API for businesses. It’s currently in limited availability. That is, you need to apply for it and get approval. That can take some time.
And once you get the approval the implementation itself is not easy. You need to host your own whatsapp instance (docker image) to be able to use the api. Because this is still a beta product whatsapp make changes almost every 90 days. So it’s difficult and expensive to host and maintain. The easier option is to use 3rd party whatsapp hosting services. These also comes at a huge cost starting from about $700/month unless you get a pay per use service.
WhatsApp also charges you for every message you initiate which isn’t a response to a users request within a 24hr window.
I know all this because I’m in the middle of implementing a WhatsApp solution for a financial institution. We’ve finished our implementation in sandbox but still waiting for whatsapp approval (3 weeks now).
If you’re a medium or large business with a recognized presence and can afford then it’s doable. But if you’re a startup forget it.

For sms you can use twilio or any of the other sms APIs available (note that twilio can be very expensive if you’re not in the US or some European countries, so look at the pricing before you implement it). Just search for how to send sms in this forum.

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How the implementation takes place @seanhoots?

Thanks for sharing your experiences @seanhoots. I’ve only briefly looked at Twilio’s Whatsapp integration, which claims to send messages for $0.0135 per message with volume discounts.

What are the reasons keeping you from that option? I’m curious, as I discussed this possibility with a client as a possible future upgrade to his app, but your thread gave me second thoughts as to the viability of this.

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Ask @ZeroqodeSupport and @levon because it seems like their latest template has a successful integration with WhatsApp.

thanks for the mentiones @jamesbond

yes, indeed we have built a plugin for sending whatsapp using Twilio and a template that shows the full integration
please check those out here: Twilio WhatsApp Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

and here: Whatsapp Bot Template | Bubble

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