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Whatsapp Ordering Form On

Hi Guys,

I am very new to so please be nice. I have been using other no code tools but I think bubble would be great for this project

The project is just a simple ordering form builder that allows users to setup a form/ecommerce store that sends every order directly to Whatsapp

Basically I was wondering whether it was possible to create the function that sends the order to Whatsapp? I have attached a few pics for better understanding.

Thank you

Welcome to Bubble :grinning:

From the Whatsapp website. Answer short, WhatsApp does not have a API available for public use.

WhatsApp and its users value end-to-end encryption. All messages on WhatsApp are encrypted with high levels of encryption. Every message is encrypted with sender and receiver keys which are ratcheted forward each time a message is sent. WhatsApp cannot read these messages because it does not have keys to decrypt the messages. The keys are stored by user in their mobile device and by the business in the database. This is why the WhatsApp Business API Client is a hosted solution that requires a database. Having an API to send messages on will break end-to-end encryption which is against the WhatsApp philosophy.

It is possible. And easy. But you will need to hire a Whatsapp Business API Provider to have access to the Facebook API.

I use it in my Bubble project to send transaction messages to my clients thru Whatsapp and works perfectly.

Take a look in :+1: