Whatsapp Web Integration

Hey there,

has anybody some information how to build a whatsapp web client inside a bubble app? That my users would be able to scan the qr code within their whatsapp to have access to all messages?

I know that there is a business api, but I saw some websites which use the whatsapp web integration as its so easy to connect for the users.

But I cannot find any information in how to integrate it into my app.

Thanks in advance everyone. :slight_smile:

You find most of Whatsapp apis here: https://business.whatsapp.com/developers/developer-hub

I was writing that I know the official whatsapp business api.

I am looking for a way to build a whatsapp web client, not a way via the business api.

Hi, I can help you out. I built a similar solution, that I shut down because of bubble’s pricing. Here is my mail. mrazeezadejumo@gmail.com

We have an API that lets you capture the QR code and provides it as string you can use to generate de QR code for your user [1].

You can then use our Bubble plugin to send and receive messages using that connected number and design your own WhatsApp web.

[1] Create a WhatsApp channel β€” 2Chat API for Developers
[2] 2Chat: WhatsApp API & free widget Plugin | Bubble

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