When 50+ actions need to be executed upon load, does separating them into various custom workflows make it more efficient? 100+ data fields for user type? Is my app WAY too heavy?

Hello bubble community. So I’ve got 50-100 actions needed to be done upon loading something on my app after a button is clicked. The actions are all with plugin Move and Resize element, and all they do is resize elements pretty much, of which there are 50-100 or so. They are resized based on the user’s saved size preferences (for example: user has data field Image 1 Width, and Image 1 Height, Image 2 Width, Image 2 Height) this repeats for all 50-100 elements.

Upon clicking a button, all elements are resized to the user’s saved preferences. For example: Resize Image 1 (height and width), Resize Image 2, Resize Image 3… so on and so forth. The plugin resizes both height and width within one action.

I thought having them all be done in only one workflow might be no good for performance … so I thought of making a custom workflow to split the actions into several other workflows. It’s an idea but I don’t know if it actually helps, is worth it or if it actually makes things slower.

When App is Loaded (custom workflow Im creating) > Trigger custom event 1, trigger custom event 2, trigger custom event 3…

Each custom event has up to 10 actions in it or so. So event 1 takes over the first 10 elements to be resized, event 2 takes over the next 10 elements, and so on until all elements are taken care of.

Could this be an absolute bomb for performance? Is it far far too heavy? Actions are all only resize. They are making no changes to the database, they only pull information from user database (User Image 1 Height (data field) & Width (data field), Image 2 Height & Width…). I however don’t expect user to use up all the image fields we provide, they may only actually use up to 30 in very far off scenarios… but what is your guys’ take on this?

What i have come to noticed is that performance of the app ranges from device to device. My app does some calculations to see if a user is in a specific region based on their coordinates, its always excuted perfectly on the pc, but on mobile i had to implement a loading screen until the calcil;ations are performed. My Advice is to test the app on different devices ( especially the ones that you expect most of your users to be using) and that should ease your doubt. as for pulling 50-100 data field of numbers, that should at most take 2-3 second? so that is ok. but if you expect your users to all be using the app at a specific time of the day you may need more processing power, you can monitor such from the settings → logs sections of bubble

Ahh great to hear, was worried it’d be crazy into the 10+ second mark. And good idea! Will do, thank you :slight_smile:

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