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When a checkbox is checked send e-mail

Hi! I am having trouble sending an automatic e-mail when an checkbox is checked within an repeating group. I want an mail send to the company that is checked, for example the company " Interhouse " is checked, send an mail to them. I am working with a api who gets the website from that company, then I am working with an other api who converts the website to an e-mail adres.

Hey @jona,

This is fairly simple, create a workflow checking for an input value that has been changed.


Then in the action send an email to the current cells email.

Hi! Thanks for you reaction, it worked! But I want to get it a step further, I want to create this scenario; someone checks an company, and clicks on the button “start campagne” it opens an popup where they can select an e-mail template they want to send, but I want the e-mail be send to the company they have checked on. Would love to hear from you again!

Set a page-level custom state. Call it something like arg_company_id.

When the user checks a checkbox, set the value to arg_company_id to the ID of the company they checked, then open your pop-up.

Use the value in arg_company_id to determine what company to send the email to.

Hi! Thanks for your reaction. I don’t really understand what to do. I send some documentation about my current setup, how can I solve this?

Assuming Place ID is the unique ID of the company you want to send the email to, then you are half-way to where you want to go.

When you send the email, your “To” needs to be a search. I don’t know what your company table is named or what it looks like, but you want to do something like:

search Company table where Company ID = company_naam:first item’s email.

Hi Thanks again for you fast reaction. When I search for the company id, I can’t find it. Do I need to make a separate database for storing the custom state values or something?

In your example, you want to send an email to Interhouse.

I assume you are storing the email address for Interhouse in some table in your app, right?

If so, you want to search that table for the Interhouse “thing” and use its email address for the email’s “To”.

Hi, thanks for your reaction. No, it is a little more complex. I use the google places api where I get businesses their information such as their website. Then I convert this website to a e-mail adres to a other api, so the data is not stored within my app.

What are you ideas to solve this? Thanks.