When a user creates an item, I want it's unique ID added to the list of items assigned to that user

Hello again!
I have a list of items. Some users will have items assigned to them, and I am accomplishing this by adding the item’s UniqueID to a multi-field of “Items” in the User’s table. The user has a workflow to create a new item, and when they do, I’d like that newly created item (UniqueID) added to the User’s “Items” field. I have the workflow set up to create the item properly; I’m hoping someone can help me with the workflow step to get that item into the User’s Item field.


Hi there, @j21… if I understand your post correctly, what you are trying to do should be as simple as adding a second step to the workflow where you are creating the new item. The second step would make changes to the current user, and the change to make would be to add the result of step 1 (i.e., the newly-created item) to the user’s list of items. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc - yep, it makes perfect sense and it was that simple. Thanks for your help!

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