When Bubble is down... Mobile App error message?

I am about to publish my first mobile app built on Bubble, and am curious about the user’s experience when Bubble is down.

  • Have you ever had your mobile app be unexpectedly down due to Bubble being down? Did any users notice?
  • If/when it goes down, what sort of message displays to the user? Can it be customized?
  • For scheduled maintenance by Bubble, do you let your users know your app will be down during that time?

Hey there @willtaylordesign,

Not quite sure about your other two questions, but I can answer this one. Usually I just put up a maintenance alert on my statuspage and anticipate for possible intermittent outages during the maintenance period. Usually I see nothing really drop, other times there might be something that drops, but I think it’s good to be transparent and let your customers know.

Good idea! Thanks!