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When changing the data source of a Group in display data, if the default value of the input within the Group is set to the Group's data source, the value of the input will not change

Hello. I am Japanese and I cannot speak English. I am posting this by translating it into English through ChatGPT.

I apologize if it sounds strange.

Now, I am implementing it in such a way as to reduce the number of pages as much as possible. I build it in a stand-up connection and try to switch pages as much as possible with hide and show.

This time, I will create a list page for project management and a page for project details.

When you select a project on the project list page, the list page is hidden and the details page is shown. Also, the information in the list is linked to the details page using display data. At this time, I want to update the default value of each input on the detail page with the information of the selected project.

However, here is where the problem occurs. If it refers to the value of the parent group, the value of the input does not change in display data.

What should I do?
Thank you.

If you’ve set your parent group data to the selected project and the input’s default value to its parent project’s specific field, the input should default correctly.

If it doesn’t add a “Reset Data” action (which can be found in the “Element Actions” category) into your workflow that opens the details page.