When Conditional for Checkbox: When the Count of What Remains is Greater Than 0

Hi, Everyone:

I am trying to create a condition for when the checkbox is checked/unchecked. It needs to look at a list field for a data type. The list may include any of A, B, and C. It may not. It may also include more than that.

I need the checkbox to be checked when A, B, or C are removed, the list still has other remaining items. For example, if the original list is A, B, C, and nothing remains, the box is unchecked. If the list is B, C, D, and E, then the box is checked because D and E still remains in the list.

I’m seeing a count > 0 in the end of the condition, but I can’t seem to get the “minus item” to work the way I thought it would work.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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