"When Current user is logged in" doesn't work always across multiple tabs

TLDR: Any thoughts or ideas on how to allow a user to login in one tab and track that change in other tab without any click or user interaction in this other tab?

Problem: I am struggling to implement a Google Login in a new tab and still tracks when “Current User is logged in” in the current tab.

Description: Basically I have a screen where the user is following a flow. At some point, user needs to Register. In the Register, I have an option “Sign in with Google”. At click on that button, a new tab is open and a workflow starts with the “Sign up with Google” (from the Google Sign-In Integration). When the user finishes the Google flow and sign-up with success, the tab closes (using Run javascript) and the “old” tab is focused.

In this page (the “old” tab), I have the following workflow:

  • it is triggered “When the current user is logged in”
  • have an action that increases by one the custom state of a group that controls the step where the user is

The problem here is that it doesn’t work always.

I have already tried to run that workflow “every 1 second” with the option “every time” when Customer is logged in but it is not working always too.

Thank you a lot! :raised_hands: