When delete button is clicked Information is deleted from the screen, but not from the DB

I’ve been using the bubble for about two days.
When the delete button is pressed, the user cannot see the list or data, but I want to implement it so that the information is not deleted from the DB.
how can I make it ? plz help
I would be very grateful if you could explain the method in detail.

Hi there, @el11… one way to go on this one is to have a field on the data type that is called something like visible, make it a yes/no field, and give it a default value of yes. Then, when a thing is deleted, make changes to the thing, and set the thing’s visible field to no. Finally, use that field to filter out the non-visible items by, for example, adding a constraint to a search that only returns things where the visible field is set to yes.

Hope this helps.


I did setting about visible field, but how could I filter out it?? …
“adding a constraint to a search that only returns things where the visible field is set to yes.” could you give me the any picture? plz…

Here is an example of a constraint on the search in a repeating group’s data source.

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U are my superman!!!
i have one more Q
When I press the delete button, I am trying to change the “delete_list” column to yes with the DB, but I am using the “make to change to thing” workflow, but the “delete_list” column cannot be changed. Is there any way?
bcu i want to make filter standard delete_list’s"yes or no"
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You probably shouldn’t need to do a search to get the thing to change, but without knowing more about your app, it’s hard to say. Are you doing something like showing the products in a repeating group and maybe you have a delete icon that is clicked to delete a product? If so, the thing to change would be the Current cell's create_product.

I’m sorry i did it!!! thank you my superman!!

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