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When deleting an app with a certain name, you cannot use that name again

I have deleted an app that I created, but I cannot use it again, as it says that it is taken suddenly.
What to do here? Can anyone help me, please?

Hi there, @haiper_safi… the short answer is you can’t reuse names of deleted apps, and nobody in the forum can help you with that.

As Eve mentions in the answer in that thread, it might be worth contacting support to see if they can help.

Also, as Adam mentions in the second-to-last post in the thread, it doesn’t really matter what the name of your Bubble app is because once you put the app on a custom domain, users won’t see the name of the Bubble app anymore.


Hi, thx for taking the time to answer my question, @mikeloc. As long as I can use my domain once I launch the app, I am not that worried about the situation.
Kind regards

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