When doing a :filtered versus a Do a Search For, `Any field` is missing

Hey there!

Trying to see if this is just a “me” issue.

I am trying to create a user-management section of an administrative panel. In order to do this on the wide-scale we need, I am trying to avoid , at all costs, “Do a Search for User.”

However, I have a general search bar, where I want admin’s to be able to search for user’s by either Name, or Email.

I am able to do this by doing a Search For User, where Any Field contains Textbox’s Value:

However, here is where it get’s tricky. I don’t want to “Do a Search For” through all the user’s I have registered. I suppose to get the full understanding, you’ll need to understand my applications structure.

A user signs up, joins a community, or can create their own community. This is an admin panel for that community. So, I want Admin’s to be able to edit/view only people who joined that community.

I have a List of User’s saved to the community. So I was going to just merely do:

But alas, there is no Any Field for me to search for a contains…

Help me? A community could only have 5 members, yet it would have to search through all 4,000 user’s. Thats a lot of data to search unnecessarily.

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