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When [element] is pressed [do a workflow action]

I’m trying to make an workflow action happen when an element is pressed.
For example: When “SHAPE A” is pressed move “DROPPABLEGROUP B” to “GROUP A”

Any thoughts on how can I accomplish this?

Hi @rao2001,

Check this out:

You need a droppable group and an element to move to. You’ll use the element action “move a draggable group” and select your elements.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

I think that if you need this to happen on press instead of on-click, a workaround is to create a hidden element (such as a button) which is only visible when Shape A is pressed. Then the workflow could be “Do When Condition is True: Hidden Button is visible” --> Move Droppable Group B to Group A.

Oh you’re right, I mis-read the on press part. And then you’d have to do a reverse for when it’s not visible to move it back. Depending on the scenario, I also like to create transparent shapes to act as the moving markers. When visible > move to invisible shape A, when not visible > move to invisible shape B.

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That is so much smoke and mirrors, you could be building a magician’s stage equipment.

@fayewatson @romanmg thank you guys :slight_smile: