When I delete a field Bubble still shows it in Workflow and designer all the time

I’ve been having this issue for weeks now. I’ll add fields to a data type, but then later delete them, yet the editor still shows them all so I never know which one to use. See here in the data type:

Only one field called Product which is related to Quote Product data type. Yet look in the workflow editor:

Then here’s the editor:

Has Product, Product, and Product Name. Why does it do this? I had a text field called Product that I deleted, same with Product Name, then added the lookup field Product, yet it always shows all 3. I refresh and same thing. I’ve been having this issue for weeks now, and always just have to keep picking one until I select the correct one. Does this in so many other areas in the system as well. Am I missing something?

I have seen that before, and refreshing the editor has always taken care of it. I remember another post about this recently, and the response to the OP was to refresh, and it took care of it for them, too.

You might want to try opening the editor in a new browser or an incognito window to see if it might be some sort of caching issue… but if you really are seeing it all the time and nothing gets rid of it, I might suggest filing a bug report so Bubble can look into it for you because I can certainly imagine how frustrating that would be.

Hope this helps.


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