When Input Contains Text Matching A Repeating Group Cell-Name, That Thing Should Be Added To A State List - But how?

I have a repeating group that calls a list of things below and I’m trying to allow the user to paste names of the Things in an input, then I have a condition on the toggle element to go from ‘unchecked’ to ‘checked’ when the input box contains the name of the Thing called into the repeating group cell.

It works fine on condition and changes the preset value of the toggle, but it doesn’t add the identified matches to a list and I’m trying to figure out how to do that.

Right now if i select a toggle manually it either adds or removes the particular Thing from a custom state list and that works fine, but i need that to happen when the preset value on the toggle changes on condition when the name of the item in the cell is also inside of the input box.


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