When is the condition "uses password" no?

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I’m trying to understand the behavior of the state/condition some user “uses password”. It seems that it’s always “yes” as long as the user exists, and even when that user never set a password because that user had been created by someone else and no temporary password was assigned at the time.

When is that condition “no”?

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I just noticed this option last night. Pinged Bubble Support for more info since it seems that there isn’t any documentation yet.

Will post here with what I hear back.

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Updated documentation here:

“Uses password: Returns yes if the current user used a password to create an account, and not an OAuth provider.”

There’s also information on the new 2FA field in the documetation.

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That makes sense now, thanks :slight_smile:

Will it return “yes” if:
The current user was created through the OAuth provider, but later set the password via “reset password email”?

This wording might need additional modification.

When we create an account for someone else, no password has been set up, at least so I assume (maybe Bubble does assign a random password - feel free to correct me).

Personally it would be more clear to rename this to “uses OAuth”. Or without changing its logic; “doesn’t use OAuth” :slight_smile:

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