When is the next release and what new items are coming on Bubble

Definitely export functionality for customers on agency plan is a must. How can I explain to a customer that I develop with Bubble but they can’t see the code.

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If I had to guess I would say it’s a mix of vacation period, talent recruitment, on-boarding and training. Good to see that the team has increased.

More than actual features shipped I would love to see a 1 year roadmap to know what to expect and build accordingly.

The current roadmap feature is lacking severily.



Right you are, I stand corrected. (also, good news!)

The current roadmap feature is lacking severily.

@JonL I agree. I’ve mentioned this to the Bubble team actually, but don’t know what their plans are yet.

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Roadmap has vanished it now just points @ /releases

@chris10 I could not agree more. This sums up all of my main frustrations with building on Bubble so far.

I also get why they decided to do absolute positioning as a way to appeal to early adopters, but to be a really powerful tool that will compete with the competitors that are growing in functionality quickly, they need to allow people to build using the industry standard methods.

For example, I knew very little about flexbox (basically, I only know the difference between padding and margin) before starting to build an app with Thunkable, but because they use the flexbox model, I was able to learn from the extensive amount of great documentation that is out there and had completely mastered creating responsive designs within a day.

With Bubble, I’m not sure I’ll ever feel totally confident in building predictively responsive layouts.

Also agree that this will have to be an “opt-in” feature.

Big +1 for following Webflow as an example. They have by far the best UX for building really beautiful and responsive sites.

Complete blackbox. If the just provide some insight for users would be great!