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When link is clicked, it should filter results on a group

Heres what I made:

Basically if i click on Farmer, it should show up the names of only the farmers on the results group. If artist, just the artists.

I tried doing a workflow where it sets a state on the group when the button is clicked. Im just experimenting on the “set state” action but ive no idea how it works.

A link isn’t going to help here, so have changed this to a click that sets the data displayed in the results group.

This works fine.

Except (as I explained in the other post) you will now get “Farmer” displayed 100 times if you have 100 farmers.

I think what you want is to only display “Farmer” or “Artist” or “whatever” a single time ?

In which case we need to change the type of the first group to text, so we can do “unique items”.

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No, i wanna display all farmers. But for the search function, of course it should be unique. So Artist, then Farmer. When farmer is clicked, ALL farmers should show up.

Yes, which is why you need to do it with a Text, not a People as the Content of your Search repeating group.

I have added the unique search below. Works in the same way, but only uniques.