When making changes to a thing, thing is not found


I have a customer data type and want to change a field in the data type on page load. I’m trying to do this with a workflow:

when page is loaded ->make changes to a thing → thing to change is search for company’s first item where company name is Perchtech.

The problem is when I load the page I see in the debugger that the search for companys is empty. I know it’s not empty so I’m stumped. Am I missing something?

Hi there, @jtolive… any chance you have one or more privacy rules in place on the Company data type that could be getting in the way?


Bingo. THANK YOU Mike! It works when I remove all privacy rules and allow to be visible. Although I do need privacy rules on the company data type so it’s not publicly visible. :thinking: Do you know if this will work with any privacy rules in place?

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I would have to know a lot more about your app and how you are using privacy rules, but you might be able to just allow everyone else to find companies in searches and see the company name field, and that might do the trick without compromising your security.

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