When opening chat, go straight to support

Hey guys…

I have a chat that works perfectly. But to open a conversation I need to select a user and click to open the conversation with that selected user.

As my app is mobile I use a dashboard for all conversations I receive from app users.

Now I need the user to click on the chat icon to open a direct conversation with the support that I created, which is a specific email address logged into my dashboard.

So can anyone help how can I do this? I’ve already looked for some alternatives without success. Because when I create the “conversation” in my database, the conversation is created only with the current user and not with the support.

If anyone can help showing a step by step as well layman I thank you very much.

Create a User in the database that is the support agent. Then on the data type of User, add a field that is ‘Support’ of type yes/no (this will work for a single support agent)…make that support user field Yes, while all others are No.

When you go to create the chat, make it so it is not the current user, but the Support User by referencing in a search the field of ‘Support’

Hello thank you so much. I just identified the support user with the Unique Id. Thank you very much. But now when I’m in more than one user the conversation is created in the database between the current user and the support, but when I have more than one user connected despite being created in the database the one that appears in that repeater group is with another user who is logged in.