When the marketing dept send a newsletter, make sure the people reading the replies know what kinds of replies were solicited

So the last newsletter announced an Education Plan, without a lot of details. And it concluded “don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about this plan” with a link to mailto:support@bubble.is?subject=3DEducation%20Plan.

Great, i’m a professor! I used Bubble intensively last semester in a new course on data modeling! Let’s “reach out” to learn more, share my students’ projects with the team, and maybe offer some suggestions about problems I had to manage this course.

The reply was fast, less then 20 minutes. Except “support@bubble.is” clearly did not understand my message and processed it as a support ticket. I got some copy-pasted instructions about what to do if “your institution is still in the process of enrolling students” etc. Errr, the plan was announced two days ago, I don’t even have students to enroll right now…

I wasted my time typing out comments and suggestions, and the support wasted a small amount of time looking for the copy-paste that could best match my weird non-support message.

So it was fast with the forum too. I just got an email from @emmanuel actually replying to my original message comments. Thanks!