When to build a plugin vs when to just use the API?

In a lot of cases it’s possible to do everything with the API connector. What are the things that tip you over to preferring a plugin? And what things do you think just using the API is better?

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I’m no API whiz but WU costs should be a factor. Using the API connector will cost WU. Building a plugin means you can run your API client side and that will cost no WU.


Not if you can’t build the plugin as a client-side element. There are many cases (all of which would involve network calls server-to-server) where you’d have to build an SSA. Now, SSA’s still have an outrageous uplift on AWS lambda execution pricing, so for maximum impact they had better support lists/iterative behavior in a single workflow step. It’s not that you couldn’t build helpful SSAs, but the headroom there is fairy diminished these days. I will probably finish Floppy Bulky before more-or-less leaving Bubble, but that might be the last beneficial SSA that doesn’t already exist. (Not that there are any commercial, or even open source, SSAs. They are very few and the ones that exist are either non-starters or are now sort of non-starters due to WU impact.)

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Sorry, what does SSA stand for? Google is giving me lots of answers that don’t make sense, apparently a very common acronym. Server Side Application?

I will probably finish Floppy Bulky before more-or-less leaving Bubble

:disappointed: the end of an era

server-side actions

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