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When to put custom type in User vs Use Constraints

I have a database type called “Deals” that contains a handful of fields. A user defines a number of deals that pertain to them and will be invoked in user-specific calculations later. So in substance, one of the User’s attributes is a list of Deals.

In Bubble, I’m not yet seeing a benefit to actually defining a list of Deals in the User. In RG’s, I can populate the data either way: I can set it to Current User’s Deals, or I an do a search for deals and constrain it to created by current user. I have noticed that RG’s refresh immediately when configured as a do-a-search-for, whereas the page has to refresh to update when i have it configured to point to Current User’s Deals.

As a rule of thumb, when does it make sense or not make sense to define the custom type in the User vs leave it floating out there and manage by the Created By field?

I used ‘created by’ a lot - or I put a field on the other data type linking it to the user.

I’ve moved away from a list of things on the user because of the slow loading time. I only use the list on a user type field if the list will be very small (say no more than 10 or so).