When user logs out, something on their account is reset - NEED HELP TO FIX

Hello this is my first time posting to the Bubble Forum. I’m not a Bubble pro but know my way around somewhat. I had a developer build my app and now it’s getting buggy and I can no longer get in contact with the person and many maintenance services out there are very expensive for minor upkeep.

So now, I’m trying to take matters into my own hands to offset costs and fix things myself.

Here’s my issue…

I have a music submission app that when a user submits a song, there are certain required fields and a validation process that take the song from Draft status to approved. I am now noticing that after a song has been approved and the user logs out, the song is automatically put into draft again.

From my understanding there is nothing connected in the workflow that could potentially cause this. I know this is probably very vague but If this sounds remotely similar to an issue that someone has experienced, I would greatly appreciate if you can suggest some things to look for or cross check to try and locate a cause for this issue.

Hi there, I would start by reviewing the logs, use the unique Id for the object which was moved back to draft, that should let you see exactly what happened to it and which workflow changed the field

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As @Oliver-wholegraintech pint out you can check the log. to see whats happening. if you still stuck, i would love to help you out without any charge :wink:

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Thank you for your reply. I will try that!

Thank you! Here is a screen grab for context. Happy to provide more info if needed - Audiovybez

I will take a look at in 1 or 2 hours. But it would be very helpful if i also get View Only Access to your editor.

Kindly goto settings ≥ General ≥ and make it every one can view only and then DM me your editor link.

You can try to search for the issue using App Search Tool:

For example:
Search by = “uses field”
Type name = song (or whatever you named it in your app)
Field name = song status

Start the search and you’ll get a list of elements and actions that use your song’s status field. Check all the actions to find the relevant one.