When viewing site on mobile

I have a pretty basic site that some buttons have conditionals to only show when certain criteria is met. Works fine on desktop but if you try to do it from a cell phone, none of the buttons show up.

Explore the Responsive tab (or in preview/run mode resize your browser window and observe what is happening to your buttons). These elements are probably formatting themselves off the page or getting obscured by some other element.

Thank you, that was the problem. Now my elements float all over the screen. How do you keep an element positioned in reference to a nearby element. right now logos are far left while the text is centered.

You can use groups and the various Responsive formatting options for each element to control positioning. I believe over in the tutorials/learning section of the bubble site there’s an introduction to responsive settings that can be pretty helpful when starting out with this.

Note all of the different positioning options that appear in the flyout/popup, particularly the alignment (left margin, center, right margin) options.

You’re just gonna have to consult the reference a bit/play around with it. It’s a bit confusing at first, but you’ll start to see how it all works… Just takes some experimentation and trial and error when first exploring that panel.