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When would Oauth 2.0 actually create an account on Bubble?

I have set up a linked in self-handled and user-agent flow for Linked In. Both of which do not automatically create a new bubble user. I swear that in the past I had created user accounts via new logins through Oauth 2.0. Wondering if anyone has any insight into this. Thanks.

To clarify, I am using the Login/Signup With Social button and when I have an account that I’ve manually created, and I click login, I am directed to the OAuth screen, and then back to the site. The data that is loaded on Bubble’s side is NOT associated with my Linked In email.

For instance: I click the sign in Linked In button, sign in with [email protected] on the oauth page, but then when I’m brought back to the site [email protected]’s information pops up (he’s another bubble user).

So let’s say I remove all users, then click the button.

No email is added.

What gives?

Could be a possible glitch - seems as though if I create an account with that email my Linked In uses and then try to login, it says that a new account can’t be created.

However, if I delete that account and authenticate, no new account is created…