When you "register the user as a seller" with the stripe plugin - how do you know that process succeeded?

I am trying to confirm that the user did in fact finish the registration process - how do I do that? The registration task does not appear to “return” anything.

I have tried checking against “Stripe Sellers Account” being empty but … its never empty it seems.

@jess? Should I file a bug?

You should be able to check within your Stripe Dashboard if a user has been registered as a seller.

as soon as you use the stripe plugin bubble adds fields to the user that you cannot see underneath datatypes but can read.

there is a field called current users stripe seller and you can check if it is empty or not.

2021-07-02 00_39_36-Window

also in a repeating group of all users you can display this /search this etc.

Thanks. I think I was attempting to use the stripe customer id field instead.

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