Where are the backend pages for modification - the prompt ones etc

The only pages I seem to be able to see are things like the index, login etc.

Where are all the other pages kept ?

What pages do you mean exactly?

I think he might be using a template. In which case, you should follow the template instructions, likely going to the editor data tab and running as an admin user.

Ahhh right. @georgecollier, good catch. Probably the template is showing/hiding different parts of the pages etc, thats why the @iainhmunro couldn’t find them.

In this case, @iainhmunro check the element tree on the top left and expand them to see where is what. See that some groups and elements will be hidden.

I am using the Casper Template.

No real instructions as to where to edit - unless I have missed them somewhere.

Many thanks

I dont see that on my list

Here is my view

This is pages list. I can see underneath this, a bunch of hidden elements like Popup New Prompt Field. And there are many more.

Correct - but I cannot see the Sidebar anywhere

You will check each element of each page. It may not be named sidebar, it might be some group. But every part of every page is on one of these pages. They can’t be anywhere else :slight_smile: