Where can I change the system name in my sendgrid email

I’m using the default bubble image sender with sendgrid, and I noticed that emails come from a name.bubbleapps.io account. Where can I change that name? How many emails can I send with this setup?

You have to setup SendGrid so that your emails will come from your domain.

  1. Signup sendgrid

  2. Get an API Key from SendGrid dashboard to put over there to the sendgrid key field in Bubble

  3. Authenticate your domain in Sendgrid: How to set up domain authentication | Twilio It will show you the way in your dashboard as well. You will need to update some DNS settings in your domain provider. It was godaddy for me. Something like below:

  4. Once, you do these, you can have more settings in Bubble:

Hi, right I know that. But if I don’t sign up for SendGrid yet, is there a way for me to change the “name” of my site in the bubble email?


That was the name when I created the app, but have since changed it everywhere

The only way you’ll be able to change your app name is if Bubble does it for you, which I don’t think they do. I’ve never changed an app name (not saying I haven’t wanted to).