Where can I find someone to develop a custom plugin?

Any suggestions for places to look? I’ve posted on codemap already and I’ve looked through fiverr but for some reason I’ve ran into a few devs who just stop responding altogether. I also posted here last time but had little luck. Any suggestions?

Not sure how you posted last time, but change your forum post to jobs/freelance, then you should get a bunch of PM’s

I did last time and I got about 5 PMs where I reached out to some of them via email as directed but they just never replied back. I ended up settling on the one that did respond to me and he said he would do it but it’s been months now and he’s extremely unresponsive and I’ve not seen the plugin yet so I’m searching for someone again sadly. For some reason the devs I found on fiverr have done the same - 2 of them just never responded back after the initial exchange. I wonder if upwork is a terrible idea perhaps?

Likely the issue is that you’re just trying to find a bit of a needle in a haystack. A combination of needing to find a bubbler that also knows JS really narrows down the results and maybe what your requirements are, are tricky or maybe not that well laid out (obviously I’m guessing but things I have run into in the past when trying to find people on fiverr). It’s more of a numbers game for you. Keep reposting and eventually you’ll find someone. Upwork is another resource that you should definitely try.

Also, not sure if you already know this but my comment above regarding the bubblers that also know JS isn’t necessarily a requirement. There is some level of bubble knowledge required but not much. You could likely bridge that gap if someone who just knows JS has a template to work off of (i.e. code from an example plugin). This would widen the net a bit

What kind of plugin?

Check Unlimited bubbling - Your custom plugin shop

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