Where did the sort descending feature go on logs?

Just upgraded. Where did the sort descending go? Critical Feature to be able to sort the most recent action to the top position.

@kramwe The logs sort / scroll behavior was updated in April.

How do I get the most recent action? I’m stuck.

The “2mins ago” doesn’t return a result, why?

The most recent is on the top and then you scroll to get earlier results.

No, it’s sorting in ascending order. Min time → Max time.

You can see that the timestamps display in ascending. 12:42:31 → 12:42:32.

2 minutes ago - the default search option shows logs for 2 minutes - no need to scroll or do anything for this as the latest logs are returned at the top

A specific time > 2 mins ago - logs at the bottom of the page are more recent, those at the top of the page are older. You can scroll in the direction required.

Really not a solution. Happy to send a screencast to you of what this entails.

In most cases, I don’t know the exact timestamp. But, I know it happened in the past. With a descending option, I can return the most recent action and scroll back in time to find the event.

If I have to sort ascending, I need to scroll to the bottom to walk backwards.

If this feature is gone, can I have access to the logs in database form?

@kramwe Thanks for the feedback. Logs API and export is on our list for future iterations.

Feature request: Sort Descending be added back.

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