Where do I find uploaded files?

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I feel silly since I must be missing something very obvious…

I want to install a custom font so I read the tutorials… Where is the file once uploaded?

I basically draw an upload block on a new blank page I name upload. Deploy the app. Go to that page. Upload the font. It uploads but it does not give me the path where the file is after uploading… Installed the multifile uploader. Same problem…

As a general rule. How do I manage any uploaded files. Let’s say I’ve uploaded a bunch of jpg files and many of these files do not end up in the final product. Where do I find these files to delete some of it?


To clarify, are you wondering about where a custom font file is uploaded to that you are using for the style of your app, something like a picture uploaded to a specific page or files that are uploaded by a user?

If you upload an image to the page, it’s saved to Bubble’s storage and exists, at least in a usable form via the AWS link it creates. (Though that may not be the best approach).

To my knowledge, when you delete an uploaded file from the page, it is marked for deletion from Bubble’s database. (Depending on your plan, you have the “undo” to a specific point in time feature available for X days). There is no file manager for you to delete files uploaded to pages.

Otherwise, when you save a file as part of a record in Bubble’s database (ie you have a field on the user record for pictures), then you can delete an item using a workflow. (The above “undo” still applies).

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your help.

Yes, I am struggling to upload a custom font (for a client…) I follow the instructions in this post:

But once the file is uploaded there is no path to tell met where it has been uploaded.

Hope you can help.


Think I understand where you’re stuck. This may help.

Basically, what is suggested is that you use a slight hack to be able to store on Bubble’s storage.

Oh my… So obvious now… I knew I missed something simple. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Of course, happy to help. :slight_smile: