Where do you put the private key in Square to use Data API webhooks?

Trying to figure out how to use Square webhooks. Webhooks are up and running at the correct endpoint, and I’ve also verified that it’s working correctly via Postman. But there is no place in Square to put the Private Key!

As a result, unsurprisingly, I’m getting error 400:

And my logs, which show NOTHING:

Update: Square confirms that there is no place to put the private key. So how do I make this work???

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Did you resolve this problem, @brenton.strine ?
I’m not exactly battling with that exact issue, but I am integrating Square webhooks and it’s a little less straightforward than I wanted! I can probably help a bit with your side.

I’m sorry I didn’t update this with the answer. Trying to remember the solution, but I had some wrong assumption somewhere. I was trying to do something that isn’t necessary.

This is one of those things were it’s surprising that no one else could help since it was such a fundamentally simple mistake I was making. I’m sorry I can’t remember myself what the issue was now.

Mine was a fat handed typo too.