Where does Page Title come from?

I just added a new page to my app. I made it an empty page, i.e. didn’t clone a page. It picked up a Page title value that’s something from my very first dabbling with Bubble and has no relationship to the app I’m working on. I know I did some copying and renaming from old apps, pages and who-knows-what, but the value Bubble assigned is not useful.

I suppose I need to pay close attention to what’s being put in the Page title, but where is the default value coming from?

Double click the page object itself. Name in the title tab. Upper left.

I did the double-click. That’s how I know it’s an odd name. The question is: where does Bubble get the idea to use that name for a new page? How can I tell Bubble to use a more useful name?

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IT’S EDITABLE. Click on it…

Pro tip: All such things are editable. Use this feature to give anything a more sensible name.

But as for page names, note that this is the only way to get yourself a longer name than the one allowed in “new page” dialog…


Thanks for hanging in here with me. The problem isn’t the page name, it’s the page title.

Page name looks just fine:


results in this:


Where did “GailAndLaurenceGroceries” come from? I know I used it in another project, but why is it carrying on and how can I tell Bubble to give me something more useful?

You copied the page object from another project, perhaps?

Why’s it a big deal? Go change it.

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