Where I can find the developers speak in Chinese

Hi everyone,
Do you know where I can find the Bubble developers’ online courses or meetup that speak in Chinese ? Or you can speak in Chinese to host the Bubble.io developers online courses or meetup? Thanks for your kindly help and please let us know.
Thanks again.

Hi @ncc481,

There are coaching options here at Coaching | Bubble , depending on your needs. The page is a bit hard to find but it’s in the academy page! You can search for coaches like me that speak in Chinese :slight_smile:


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Hi @nocodejordan

Nice to meet you!
I once saw your name on bubble's coaching roster, but there was no contact info on it!
Is it convenient to contact you by google meet or by email to talk to some non-technique question? 


You can private message me or book me for a session on the coaching page. Once you book, you will be provided a calendly link to book my timing!