Where is the created date option in Bubble?

Hello, what I’m trying to do is delete a photo from the data base when the created date is longer than 12 hours, and I would like to attach this sort of action to a button and not use a scheduled api. Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is the workflow I’m looking for:
Delete current users post - if created date is after 12 hours.

Hi there, @krazitoast… sounds like you might want a workflow step that looks something like this…


Does that look like what you are trying to accomplish?


Yeah but when I do that same workflow on a post, it doesn’t seem to come up with the creation date. Many thanks!

If a post is a thing that is created in one of your data types, then it has to have a creation date. Happy to help try to figure it out if you want to post some screenshots.

So these are my database fields, when a user uploads a photo it goes to the list of images which is named ‘posts’.

I’ve masked a picture uploaded to look like an icon, so when the user clicks it, they select a file, and it goes to the database.

Now here is the problem I can’t seem to solve. When I select current user - posts it turns red, and as you can see there is neither an option for created date for the ‘only when’ section.
Many thanks! @mikeloc

The creation date doesn’t show up in your case because you aren’t working with an individual thing that has been created in a data type. You are working with a list, and there’s no such thing as a creation date for each item in a list.

I would have to know a lot more about your app to give a more informed opinion, but you might want to consider having a data type called Post and creating a new thing in that data type when a user uploads a photo. If you went that route, then the example I showed in my original response would work for you.


Okay thanks mike